Flight Operations

Canadian Helicopters currently has capabilities to support passenger and medical evacuation operations with the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter. Passenger operations are planned for daylight hours. A 24 hour Medical Evacuation standby posture is also maintained by the company.

All passenger and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) flights are planned and dispatched thru a 24/7  Flight Operations Centre in St John’s Newfoundland. While aircraft are enroute to and from the various offshore locations, Flight Watch is maintained using real-time satellite tracking software based on the GPS location of the aircraft.

Canadian Helicopters pilots have extensive offshore flight experience, both locally in Atlantic Canada, and Internationally. They also receive flight training every 3 months at the S-92 Simulator Facility in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. This training focuses on operations in minimum weather conditions, emergency procedures, and night offshore approaches and departures. Proficiency checks are conducted twice annually during these training sessions.

Canadian Helicopters has an active Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) program. Using HFDM, Canadian Helicopters analyses aircraft performance and approved flight profiles to assist in pilot training in all phases of flight. The aircraft flight data recorder is downloaded on a daily basis, is compared to Standard Operating Procedures, and crews debriefed as required.

In summary, Canadian Helicopters crews are some of the most highly trained and experienced offshore operators in the world. We look forward to flying you offshore Nova Scotia.

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