Safety and Security

All Passengers who are scheduled to travel offshore through Canadian Helicopters are required to undergo security screening prior to boarding a helicopter.

Electronic Cigarettes are not permitted to be carried on Canadian Helicopters flights. These restricted items should be left at home or in a passengers vehicle. There is no storage capabilities for passenger items at the Canadian Helicopters Heliport.

All passenger bags, and cargo, will be subject to security screening through an X-Ray machine and all passengers will be subject to pass through a Walk through Metal detector. Some passengers may be randomly selected for a more detailed check using hand held metal detection wands. Should you have any medical issues or conditions that may cause difficulty or heightened sensitivities, please declare this in advance, to the security staff.

Passengers who do not cooperate with the security screening process will be denied boarding.

All security processes that are in place, are following a combination of procedures and regulations as set out by the customers, the local regulators, Canadian Helicopters and Transport Canada.

Safety and Security is the responsibility of all individuals working for our customers, the helicopter Operator and any affiliated companies or contractors. If there is something that you feel is unsafe, or witness a breach in security, please notify an Canadian Helicopters representative immediately.

Safety Observation Cards are available at Canadian Helicopters for anonymous submission.

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